What is the point of reading classics over modern treatments? If the switch is bad, you should replace it because you can't fix it. As I cannot gain access to the void above, I placed the 4 live wires into a separate terminal connector and taped them off, leaving the switched line in the live connection to the new light and the remaining 3 neutral wires in the neutral connection to the light. Both these scenarios can cause capacitance and induce very low voltage currents to pass through and reach the Led light causing it to be lit up even if it is very weak. No problem as long as the load is much higher than the neon needs, but can cause a CFL or LED to flicker or light dimly. When I was changing a light bulb in my ceiling pot light fixture, the power switch was turned off, and I touched the base of the lighbulb (the metal part) as I was screwing it in. Fan to operate via pull chain. Can you escape a grapple during a time stop (without teleporting or similar effects)? The reason for this delay is the same as with a line-voltage LED light source. To use a Dual Voltage Electric LED Bulb E26 in a E27 environment/ socket? Is there a way to force an incumbent or former president to reiterate claims under oath? Colleagues don't congratulate me or cheer me on when I do good work. There are two possibilities the switch is inserted: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab. If the latter, what you are seeing is the phosphors continuing to glow. I had a weird experience couple of days back with my ceiling fan which has four lights. Ceiling light stays on when switch is off - australia? The light bulb is on a circuit with a switched neutral wire, instead of a switched hot wire. "up" lights up all four bulbs, "down" lights up only the socket where the LED is. So a Switched Neutral cuts the neutral side of the circuit, leaving the hot or live side connected. I have found a strange behaviour. The Phosphorous used in the led is experiencing chemiluminescence, a cold chemical reaction that produces light. So in my case the probability of the lights switched to neutral, and this leads to hot connected even after, Ok light is not bothering, but just as an curiosity. Ceiling Light Fitting Blowing Bulb when Switch was off? Does the Word "laden" Carry a Negative Connotation? Main circuit breaker went off 10 days ago, but never then after. I have replace a ceiling light fitting. The other switch in the box controls another ceiling fixture. @mit the switched wire is the wire that is being disconnected when the switch is turned off. Light stays on, tried changing wires, light stays on. What happens to a Chain lighting with invalid primary target and valid secondary targets? hi, I've just fitted a new ceiling light in my kitchen but the light stays on no matter what way i flick the switch. This one. If the switch is a dimmer, the problem may be that you're using LED bulbs, which respond to some dimmers by flickering. When make connecti … read more It will not draw more current than it would with the halogen lamp, and all but the last cause are nothing to be concerned about. The light is on the ceiling and has four halogen bulbs. Ceiling LED light emits very dim light when switch is off! Oh dear, no. 1 is red, 1 is black and the other has no plastic around it so i assume that is the earth. So there is no reason to warn about using them (assuming the person using them knows what he is doing; otherwise it'd be also dangerous to use a hammer). The light is mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room, with the wiring going through the ceiling to the wall mounted switch right outside the kitchen. This is caused by the LED transformer, which can be responsible for delays of up to 2 seconds after the light switch has been pressed. It is the case if the test light lights up when touching one of the two connections in your lamp socket even if the switch is turned off. If I turn the switch to off, then the light is completely off. Wifi controlled switch? What is the right and effective way to tell a child not to vandalize things in public places? XIDING Industrial Flush Mount Minimalist Ceiling Light Fixture, Vintage Edison Style Hanging Lights with On Off Switch, Classic Black, 1-Light 4.1 out of 5 stars 33 $9.99 $ 9 . People would like to have them off while powered down but on while powered on. Will repeatedly turning a light bulb on and off damage it? More and more people are making the switch, as the technology has improved to allow for brighter bulbs that look almost identical to traditional light bulbs. 99 What is the policy on publishing work in academia that may have already been done (but not published) in industry/military? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Most of the time, the LED bulbs on a ceiling work through two-way connections. The wording should be corrected to be less confusing so the misunderstanding is more obvious and the answer can then be voted down on its merits. Edit: For the lamp to emit visible light, current must be leaking across the switch. Are those Jesus' half brothers mentioned in Acts 1:14? Single wall switch (to turn light on). But I didn't understand - switched to neutral. It seems that the lamp's circuit was interrupting the GND line, like illustrated in @Curd's answer. What I know is there are two wires Live and Neutral connected with any appliance. I have a light on a ceiling fan that is operated from two 3-way switches. Took the wires off the switch, light stays on. But the decision to call for help only depends on how bothering this light is. Hi all, I just fitted a new ceiling light in our bedroom. Last night, the light just came on by itself. One way should result in completely off leds.